Kelsey Conway

Kelsey Conway

Kelsey is an Auburn University graduate with a BS in Exercise Science. Having specialized in exercise therapy, her focus is injury recovery and prevention and she often works with clients who suffer from chronic conditions. She has a unique background in dance, weight and flexibility training. Her sessions revolve around highly personalized, goal-based fitness plans that adapt to client body-type and physical ability. With all of her clients, no matter the level of fitness, she focuses on pushing them to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. She believes cross-training along with eating a clean balanced diet is the key to living a long life. 

Equilibrium Fitness Trainer | Alec Birmingham

Alec Birmingham

Proud owner of Fitness With A Friend LLC, Alec’s mission is to encourage a positive workout
environment that provides an unintimidating climate for people of all ranges of athleticism and
expertise to thrive and improve. Personal training calls for personal attention, which Alec
provides in the utmost for his clients, whom he considers his close friends.


That being said, Alec is more than capable of training the most avid and experienced exercise
enthusiast. Certified as a gold standard CSCS by the NSCA, Alec holds BS degrees in Biology
and Health & Exercise Science from Wake Forest University, where he competed as a Division
One cheerleader, drawing upon the skills he learned as a nationally ranked gymnast. Alec is an
Eagle Scout, actor, and certified tactical weapons specialist. He uses his diverse background
skill sets to accommodate his clients with multifaceted functional programming for effective and
fun workout design.


As his clients would attest, Alec’s unflagging dedication, emotional investment, and
inextinguishable smile are what set him apart from many other trainers in Atlanta.


                     “Discipline is the refining fire by which talent becomes ability.”


Johnnie Perry

Johnnie Perry is a certified personal trainer (NASM) and nutrition coach (Precision Nutrition). He also loves pizza and red wine. He's been interested in building muscle and burning fat since he was a kid, but he never thought of pursuing a career as a coach. He earned a Finance degree at the University of Tennessee, an MBA, and worked for a mortgage company for over 10 years. During that time, he sat on his butt, gained over 25 pounds of fat, lost his confidence, and developed aches and pains. Then, he did something about it! He lost 25 pounds while enjoying his favorite foods. Since then, he's followed his passion. During the last four years, he's been helping busy people just like you lose fat, add strength and muscle, while gaining control of their lives.

Equilibrium Fitness Trainer | Stephen Smith

Stephen Smith

Stephen Smith is the owner of VIVA FITNESS has been involved in the fitness industry for over 25 years, and a personal trainer in Atlanta since 1997. His educational and training background includes a B.S. in Physical Education/Health from the College of Charleston, a B.A. in Health Education from the University
of Kentucky, as well as a M.S. of Exercise Physiology from the University of Kentucky.  Stephen holds both a personal training certification and group fitness instructor certification from the
American Council on Exercise.

In 2006, Stephen branched into the pageant field getting young ladies swimsuit ready in order to compete at both state and national levels for Miss America and Miss USA. His success with these young ladies has made Stephen one of the countries top personal trainers. He has trained every Miss Georgia since 2007, and every Miss Georgia USA since 2010, Miss South Carolina 2011, 2014, & 2015, and the current Miss America 2016, Betty Cantrell. Stephen currently coaches at Orange Theory Fitness, was a Nike Trainers here in Atlanta, and has been training and instructing group fitness classes for over 20 years.

Equilibrium Fitness Trainer | Makecia Whitfield

Makecia Whitfield

Makecia Whitfield is from Ozark, AL and a graduate of the University of Alabama with a B.A. in English as well as a former member of the Alabama National Guard. She is also an IFPA (International Fitness Professionals of America) certified personal trainer. She’s been training for over 13 years. She believes building strength, improving flexibility, and a balanced diet are the keys to achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Equilibrium Fitness Trainer | Craig Richards

Craig Richards

Craig was born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina.  He grew up playing sports, specifically basketball.  His talent and heart for basketball lead him to play collegiate hoops in South Carolina.  It was here that Craig developed his passion for fitness and weight lifting during his many hours in the gym with the basketball team. Craig earned a B.S. in Exercise Science and is going on 6 years of being a National Academy of Sports Medicine (N.A.S.M.) certified personal trainer.

Craig believes that there is not one and only way to achieve health and fitness goals. He has what he likes to call a “liberal viewpoint” on nutrition and exercise, in that there are many tools in a toolbox to get the results you desire.    

Equilibrium Fitness Trainer | Henriette Steffenson

Henriette Steffenson

Henriette Steffensen has extensive experience in the fitness industry, and is a National Academy Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer and over the years (15) she has trained a variety of individuals with different fitness levels and goals. She focuses on strength training, weight loss/management, core training, functional training and healthy nutrition and lifestyle education and having fun while getting in shape.
Knowledge and Education is a large part of being healthy and getting in shape so you will not only be working out but you will gain understanding about how your body can work at its best.

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